1. Scope of the general conditions of sale

    These general conditions of sale govern the sales of new vehicles made between the Customer and the Seller and undertakes no other person.

  2. Terms of ordering and delivery
    1. Order

      Once the model chosen, with its specifications, the client contacts the seller (via the contact form available on the website, email or telephone) which verifies and confirms within five working days the actual availability of the vehicle price and the delivery time. During this process, there is no commitment from both parties. The order is accepted and the contract is finally concluded with the signing of the mandate, the present general sales conditions, the provision of two copies (readable) of the Customer's identity and a deposit of 10% of the vehicle price. The contract is formed under the condition of obtaining credit and non-withdrawal, when such credit was applied to finance the acquisition of the vehicle (standard credit, LOA ...). When having applied for a credit, the Customer undertakes to hold the Seller informed of the progress of his efforts. The vehicle supply involves as the authorized representative AutosImport AG, Eichrüti 11, 6333 Hünenberg See, Zug - CH.

    2. Specifications

      The vehicle order is as described in the mandate (technical characteristics and equipment level), the trade name of the vehicle is the one of the country where it is imported from (countries of the European Union) . The technical evolution of the vehicles may result in minor changes to the model ordered, which will not cause any price increase or alteration in quality or essential features of the vehicle. When the evolution brought by the manufacturer to the characteristics of the vehicle brings significant change to the specifications listed on the mandate, the Customer may terminate the contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and receive back the deposit. This notification must be made within three days after reception of the vehicle.

    3. Delivery

      The delivery period starts from the date of acceptance of the order. If the delivery period is unexpectedly foreseen to exceed fourteen days, the seller will inform the Client immediately by registered letter or any other means of legal proof of an extension of the delivery period, which may not exceed 25% of the initial agreed deadline or 15 days when the initially agreed period was less than 60 days. In case of exceeding this new period, the Customer may terminate the contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and receive back the deposit.

    4. Selling price

      The vehicle's sale price shown on the mandate includes the administrative import fees, transportation, customs, clearance, VAT and delivery costs. When the delivery time is longer than three months, the Seller may pass on any change of the maximum price (listed price) recommended by the importer or producer, increasing the agreed price accordingly.

    5. Fees and accessories not included in the price

      Any bonuses, deferred and / or conditional benefits mentioned on the mandate do not form part of the sale price. The customer makes his case under his sole responsibility of their realization, as well as the compliance with procedures and deadlines that affect their production, according to the regulations applicable at the time of acquisition.

    6. Payment and reservation of the vehicle

      With the exception of the 10% down payment with the order, the payment of the vehicle price occurs concomitantly with the delivery, by the effective credit of the seller's account. The vehicle is retained: it becomes the property of the Customer after full payment of its price.

    7. Provision

      The Customer undertakes to take delivery within seven days after confirmation of availability by the Seller in writing letter, email or telephone. In the event the Client does not take delivery of the vehicle within this period, the Seller may proceed to enforce the sale or terminate the contract. In the latter case, the Seller will retain as compensation the 10% deposit paid by the Client. In case the Seller does not deliver the vehicle ordered by the Customer, he will be sanctioned by the payment of the equivalent compensation. In the event of not taking delivery of the vehicle at the end of seven days commencing from the receipt of the registered mail, email or telephone, the Client will be liable for garage costs of CHF 50 per day, until he finally takes delivery of the vehicle or the date of termination of the contract. This penalty period may not exceed one month.

  3. Right of withdrawal
    When the vehicle purchase is financed by a consumer credit, the borrower's right of withdrawal is effective against the Seller. The withdrawal must be notified to the Seller at the same time as to the lender. Its action implies the termination of the contract and the refund of the deposit. When the Customer has taken delivery of the vehicle before exercising his right of withdrawal, he shall return it immediately and not later than within two working days of the notification of withdrawal, with all the accompanying vehicle documents. The return takes place backwards, and the Customer will respond financially for any damage caused to the vehicle under his care, especially when it is the result of abnormal use or accident, mileage covered since the delivery date when it exceeds 150 kilometers, and any alteration of the vehicle to its original condition, including the placement of accessories.
  4. Personal information
    The Seller agrees not to disclose to third parties personal information communicated by the Customer. This information may be used by the Seller for such purposes as personalized marketing communications. The customer has at any time a right of correction or deletion of such information.
  5. Disputes - Applicable law
    These general conditions of sale will be executed and interpreted according to Swiss law. In case of dispute, the Seller and the Customer will use their best efforts to reach an amicable solution. Otherwise, the matter shall go to the Swiss courts.